3 Easy Steps To Own Your Gzooh Kitchens

Online food marketing is experiencing unprecedented growth globally. Due to the pandemic, the government authorities imposed stay-at-home orders leading the citizens to rely on online platforms in desperate times. People have become more habitual of ordering food from the comfort of their homes rather than going out and putting themselves at risk. 

It has led to the rise of cloud kitchens worldwide. Restaurants and aspiring food entrepreneurs are looking for easy and quick virtual kitchen installation solutions. While it would not be the best time for dine-in restaurants and eateries, it is surely a goldmine for online food businesses. 

If you are one of those businesses seeking an easy-to-setup cloud kitchen solution, then this blog is for YOU!

Understanding Virtual/Cloud Kitchen

A cloud kitchen is simply a kitchen that prepares different dishes for its customers without offering any dine-in facilities. It relies on a pickup and delivery model for its operations. The customer can place an order either via an online platform like a website or app or by calling directly at the restaurant. Then the customer can decide to pick up the order from the restaurant or get it delivered to his/her specified location. 

Unlike dine-in restaurants, there is no need to create any seating arrangement in a cloud kitchen. So, a cloud kitchen refers to a restaurant that has a commercial cooking space but no setup for customers to sit and eat. During the pandemic food businesses with cloud kitchen models have thrived like no other. And they continue to do so even when it is safe again to dine outside. 

Here is how to open your own Gzooh Kitchens 

Finding The Right Location

Having a prime location in the city is not necessary for setting up your Gzooh Kitchens. Having said that, you should also not prefer a location that is not easily accessible. When your customers need their food delivered, you would not want your delivery personnel to be stuck in traffic jams or be lost in different regions while navigating. 

So, with Gzooh Kitchens, you get expert guidance on where to open your virtual kitchen. You must ensure when finalizing the location, that it should be in close proximity to your target audience. It is because, in the food market, deliveries are tricky as customers prefer fresh food and not something that was prepared an hour ago and got late because of delivery. 

Setting Up Your Gzooh Kitchens

To set up any kitchen; virtual or real, you need the right kitchen equipment to prepare your dishes with. For example, if you are planning to offer baked goods, then investing in a commercial oven would be the first step while setting up your Gzooh Kitchens. As a part of this step, you must also focus on finalizing the food items that you wish to sell. Accordingly, you can begin to hire chefs with a specialty in the selected cuisine.

Currently, you would need to invest in hygiene equipment as well. To build trust among your customers, you can showcase your process of sanitization and other precautions that you take. It will directly impact your brand’s credibility, and people would prefer to order from kitchens that follow safety protocols. 

Start Selling 

It is time to rock and roll. Once you are all set with your kitchen set up, it is time to go online to take orders. With Gzooh Kitchens’ online solution, you can start accepting food orders from customers and get their food items delivered at their places with an efficient delivery system in place.


This is how easily you can set up your Gzooh Kitchens. Since we have done all the homework for you, it does not take much time in launching your food business. 

So, let’s start building your Gzooh Kitchens NOW!


  • I own a catering company, but since the pandemic my corporate catering and weddings are nil for 2121. I have a few bookings for 2022.
    I really would like a new revenue stream to utilize my kitchen. I make frozen senior meals and I sell my dressing to local grocery stores, but that alone does not generate enough income.

    • Gzooh Kitchens

      We might have a perfect solution for your Vivian!
      Let’s connect and discuss how you can get back in the food market and make it profitable with minimum efforts and investment.

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