Add Interesting Food Bowls In Your Food Menu

Food bowls are one of the trendiest food items currently. Customers love exploring different combinations of food and it is done just right with the food bowls. Besides being more than just a salad bowl, food bowls are also easy to prepare in advance. So, you can also sell more in less time.

You can be as creative as you wish to. With different varieties of meat, you can serve multiple options while keeping all other ingredients the same. As a result, there is also minimal wastage of ingredients. Every international cuisine has special food bowls that satiate their taste buds according to their preferences.

Understanding this, Gzooh Kitchens has curated special food concepts that have basic as well as modern day food bowls including super foods and healthy grains and millets. Kitchens or restaurants that sell junk food can also start selling wholesome foods like rice bowls, noodle bowls, and more. It enables your business to earn more without investing in new equipment or resources.

What The Bowl

This food concept offers a wide variety of rice and noodle bowls from around the world. It also offers healthy, vegan, and gluten-free options to cater to different audiences in specific regions.  From Korean rice bowls to Greek salads to Chinese noodle bowls to poke bowl, it has everything for all segments of your target audience. Moreover, it has a delectable side dishes options for those who are always looking for something extra in their food.

Greek It Up

As the name suggests, Greek It Up is a Greek food concept that offers wraps and bowls. Greek food is popular for its traditional recipes and earthy ingredients. And we stick by it and offer the most authentic Greek food bowls for customers to enjoy hearty meals at any time of the day. From falafel bowls to salad bowls to Greek platters, we have it all in here from the world of Greece.

Let’s Gzooohhhhhh with food bowls!!


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