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Gzooh Kitchens is one of the fastest-growing virtual kitchen brands providers based out of Alberta, Canada. We are growing across Canada, the United States, Europe, Dubai, India, and Australia at a fast pace. As we partner with more brands globally, we are looking forward to bringing a change in the food industry. 

But what does this partnership offer? 

When you partner with Gzooh Kitchens, there are endless business opportunities for you. So, this partnership can turn out in ways that you cannot imagine. Let’s look at some of these!

More Food Concepts To Sell

With our 20+ virtual kitchen brands, you can easily cater to audiences with different needs, tastes, and preferences. Our menus are designed by keeping in mind the diverse food cultures across the world. As a Gzooh Kitchens partner, you can sell these brands to cloud kitchens, food trucks, restaurants, and catering businesses. 

Market Research Information

We, at Gzooh Kitchens, are more data-driven and we aim to bring a revolution in the cloud kitchen space with technology. That is why we are obsessed with market research. Before we open any kitchen, we focus on researching the location, menus, equipment, and more to find out the best business model for every client. 

So, when you sell food concepts to your clients, as a Gzooh Kitchens partner, you can make the right impression with the factual information. 

Royalties & Commissions 

Based on the nature of the partnership contract, you can earn lifetime royalties and commissions from Gzooh Kitchens. 

Reduced Food Wastage 

Gzooh Kitchens team has designed an ecosystem for cloud kitchens that helps in reducing food wastage. As our partner, you can use the same techniques and methods to optimize the use of raw materials in the food industry and make your kitchens more eco-friendly. 

Want to become a Gzooh Kitchens partner? 

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