Gzooh Kitchens Partners With Kitch

Gzooh Kitchens is beyond thrilled to announce its partnership with US-based Kitch, a marketplace that enables people to open their ghost kitchens using their unused commercial kitchen space. As we plan to set foot in the United States market, Kitch will be expanding its services across Canada along with Gzooh Kitchens.

Using our virtual branding kitchen concepts, any restauranteur or food enthusiast can easily launch its food business in North American and now in the United States with Kitch. Together with Kitch, we aim to transform the food industry and enable an easy and quick start of the food business.

“Gzooh Kitchens is equally excited to collaborate with Kitch to expand the diverse virtual kitchen brands across North America,” says Guru Singh, Gzooh Kitchens Founder & CEO. “Joining hands with the powerful food-tech startup Kitch, we are all set to disrupt the food industry while harnessing the power of data analytics and offering unmatched food quality and bringing environment sustainability at the same time.”

As we move ahead and plan to expand worldwide, various interesting partnerships are aligned in the next few months. Of course, we will keep sharing such good news with you because you know that we believe in “Work Together To Grow Together!”

If you wish to collaborate with us and explore cloud kitchen possibilities in your region or city, get in touch with us for a free consultation. You can be from any city, country, continent, or even planet. All we want to know is if you are passionate enough to launch your cloud kitchen startup!

Let’s Gzooooooooohhhhh!




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