JSF Collaborates With Gzooh!

Gzooh Kitchens are gradually breaking barriers and boundaries with the increasing popularity of virtual kitchens. As a next step, we have now collaborated with the JSF Franchise Group Inc. and SouthBrook Business Consulting to offer our virtual kitchen concepts in the East Coast Canada region. 

With this collaboration, we aim to franchise our extensive listing of brands in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and Maritime. The size and stage of your food brand do not matter until you are looking for solutions that add value and revenue growth to your business. 

Gzooh For Different Models

Chain Restaurants

Restaurants that want to add value to their existing business can opt for Gzooh Kitchens to broaden their menu options and eventually cater to bigger markets. 

Ghost Kitchens / Catering 

Gzooh enables food enthusiasts to launch their ghost kitchen business from scratch and help scale it into a successful catering business eventually. 

Food Trucks 

With Gzooh Kitchens’s virtual kitchen concepts, food trucks can reach their full potential and generate higher revenues than ever. 

Local Restaurants & Eateries 

Restauranteurs who wish to scale their restaurant business but hesitate in investing more in real estate and recruitment can opt for Gzooh Kitchens that maximizes their ROI with existing setup and resources. 

Countless Food Options For Every Kind Of Customers 

Gzooh has some of the food industry pioneers who understand the dynamics of the food market exceptionally. As a result of years of planning and analysis, we have curated various menus as per different cuisines. 

From experimenting with distinct flavors in international cuisines to adding more richness to side dishes to curating innovative fusion food options, Gzooh experts offer menus that are best suited for the target audiences with varied taste palettes. 

We offer  Canadian, American, Greek, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Japanese, Mediterranean, and Continental cuisines among several others.

If you have been trying to add a different menu or cuisine to your food business for quite some time, then maybe this is your sign to go Gzoooohhh! 

We are always looking for food enthusiasts to join the Gzooh bandwagon as we believe in growing together rather than competing! 

So, Are you ready to Gzooh? 


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