Proud to collaborate with REAL Hospitality Network!

We, at Gzooh Kitchens have collaborated with one of the leading hospitality companies in Canada. Based out of Calgary, the RHNetwork is one of the largest hospitality and concierge networks of North America. We take pride in associating with such a fine brand and look forward to exploring this industry more with our innovative virtual kitchen concepts.


RHNetwork is a comprehensive global networking platform specializing in helping members get what they need, when they need it, from producers, suppliers, and industry professionals who are experts and leaders in their fields. With their 24/7 Emergency Support and Concierge Service, and a mandate to create partnerships for our members that TRUYLY impact their bottom line, they have served the global hospitality Industry, and they are COMMITTED to seeing it thrive. RHNetwork has a global reach of more than 40,000.

The Food Market Is Changing!

So should you and your business!

Virtual kitchens are the future of hospitality and food industry. Sooner or later, food business enthusiasts will make the switch. Our team at Gzooh Kitchens has curated special menus for multiple cuisines that cater to different tastes of widely spread target audiences. For restaurants it can be challenging to offer several cuisines as it needs a lot of investment, workforce, and efforts. But, we make it easier and faster with our ready to use virtual kitchen concepts.

It is crucial for food entrepreneurs to understand the changing needs and preferences of their target audience. With people becoming more and more comfortable with delivery meals, the hospitality industry is undoubtedly evolving. Businesses with conventional approach will turn into fiascos. So, before it is too late, let’s become a part of this revolution and lead our way into virtual kitchen world.

Gzooh Kitchens Innovative Menus

With over 50 years of collective experience, our team has worked diligently on creating the most effective and innovative menus. For every cuisine, we have plethora of dishes to offer. On top of that, we enable virtual kitchens to keep modifying the menu to gratify the changing needs and tastes of the modern customers.

Understanding Which Cuisine Will Sell More Where

Our industry experts help businesses analyze which cuisines they should sell as per their kitchen location. A certain region might have Korean habitants and a kitchen selling Indian food might not be a very good idea. However, a virtual kitchen that delivers authentic Korean dishes would be always busy.

Location analysis and market analysis reduce the risk factors and virtual kitchens are able to make profits in the first week of launch itself.

What are you waiting for?

Christmas???? No!

Then Let’s Gzoooh!!!!!


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