Virtual Kitchens are Disrupting the Restaurant Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to push the virtual kitchens into the mainstream food market. Many studies reveal that the virtual kitchens are the future of the restaurant industry, at least for the near future. 

The hospitality industry has and continues to suffer due to the pandemic. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to invest in sustainable business models that can save their business. If you are witnessing a rise in virtual kitchens around you, that is probably because it is that easy and quick to open one. 

Virtual kitchen or ghost kitchen is a simple concept where you sell delivery-only meals with no provision of dine-in. With countless readymade virtual kitchen concepts being offered by different companies, any person can open a virtual kitchen within a matter of a few days. 

Let’s see how these virtual kitchens are disrupting the restaurant industry. 

But before that, let’s understand the virtual kitchen concept a bit more! 

So, what exactly is a virtual kitchen? 

Virtual kitchens are kitchens that sell their food through virtual platforms. By virtual platforms, we mean platforms that work using the internet. With an online solution like a website or a mobile application, virtual kitchens receive orders and deliver them to their customer’s specified location. 

Virtual kitchens can simply rent food preparation set up or invest in a food truck or buy a commercial kitchen with all the equipment. Since, the customers would not be visiting physically, it does not matter if the kitchen does not have a fancy interior. They interact either through web app, mobile app, or third-party application. 

Earlier restaurants that offered walk-in facilities also provided food delivery options. However, virtual kitchens have become one of the most essential businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. And as the researchers suggest, virtual kitchens will grow exponentially even when the pandemic is over. 

Virtual Kitchens- The Latest Disruption In Restaurant Industry

Low Startup and Operation Cost

The virtual kitchen concept does not require a dine-in setup which is the fundamental element of conventional restaurants. Due to this reason, virtual kitchens do not need a lot of space as well as the waitering staff. It directly reduces labor and maintenance costs as you do not have any guests to serve. 

However, you might need to invest in a food truck or a small kitchen space, brand packaging, and online marketing. But virtual kitchens are, any day, more affordable to launch than a complete restaurant. 

With Gzooh Kitchens, it is even simpler and faster. With our virtual kitchen concepts, you can readily launch your ghost kitchen in 3 easy steps. Our experts help you find the most advantageous location and help you figure out dishes that will sell the most in your region. 

Shifting Customer Behavior

Virtual kitchens existed in the pre pandemic times too. However, people were not well acquainted with the idea of food delivery. A few people who were tech-savvy or maybe a few introverts who preferred not eating out, ordered food from food delivery apps. 

The pandemic has shifted the behavior of everybody towards food delivery apps. Now, they are more comfortable than ever in ordering food online rather than dining out. Moreover, people who are working from home rarely get time to cook and prefer to order food online. So, we can see the changing preferences of the target market before us and we can use virtual kitchens to satisfy their needs. 

Concept Experimentation

Virtual kitchens allow food entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to experiment with different dishes and concepts. Gzooh Kitchens offers innovative menu choices that can be tested on varied platforms to analyze what is working and what is not. In the conventional food restaurant business, this is quite expensive and time-consuming. 

Are Virtual Kitchens the Future of the Restaurant Industry?



Definitely Yes! 

Currently, the market is not ready to open with walk-in facilities. Therefore, all the customers are dependent on food delivery platforms. Having said that, it is predicted that this change in customer behavior will affect the industry even when everything is normal. 

Virtual kitchens are now an indispensable part of our lives. If it weren’t for the delivery meals, people would have lost their sanity. I relied on the online food ordering apps throughout these times and there are millions out there who, like me, also relied on such platforms to make them feel a bit normal by ordering their favorite dish on a lonely day, or an ice cream tub for the Netflix and chill times.  

Setting up a virtual kitchen needs the right strategy. You must be able to figure out ways to reduce food production cost while ensuring the food quality. But the good news is that you do not need to do all those extra things like setting up tables, creating an ambiance, or waitering. To make it even better and easier, Gzooh Kitchens helps you with its ready to use kitchen concepts. 

So, let’s Gzooooohhhh!!!!


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