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Goodness Of Japanese Grilled Meat & Veggies

About Us

Tokyo Grill is a Japanese inspired menu that uses fresh ingredients to create healthy yet delicious meals that can be shared with family and friends.

Our menu has several grilled meat options with veggies that are served with the appetizing teriyaki sauce. From serving the most delectable Sushi options to having a separate menu of fulfilling side dishes, Tokyo Grill has it all. 

+ Sushi rolls – Eight choices
+ Teriyaki beef
+ Yakisoba beef
+ Chilli garlic veggies
+ Grilled beef and broccoli
+ Shrimp rice bowls
+ Tokyo bento platter
+ Tsukune
+ Gyoza
+ Teriyaki sauce
+ Spring rolls
+ Chocolate cake


601 Bourke St, Melbourne,
Victoria 3000, Australia


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Level 13, 2 Elizabeth St, Melbourne,
Victoria 3000, Australia


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